The Last Workout Of The Year…. A Workout For Saint Nicolas :) And Everyone Else….

Your last workout of the year…. To farewell the good old year in the best way possible, go ahead and do this butt kicking two-in-one workout, before you kick start a good enjoyable evening with good food, good drinks and great company.. I hope 🙂

Two Circuits in one Workout:

Circuit 1-

5 rounds of:

1′ sprint

1′ push ups

1′ squats

1′ rest

Circuit 2-

50 meters sprint between each exercise or 30″ on the Treadmill if you do not have the space to sprint.

10 Squats Jumps

50 mtrs sprint

10 Mountain Climbers each leg = 20

50 mtrs sprint

10 Butt kicks each foot = 20

50 mtrs sprint

 10 Jumping Jacks

50 mtrs sprint

 10 Burps ( Half burpees )

50 mtrs sprint

If you need any more tips or explanation for the exercises or the way to perform them please do not hesitate to drop me a line.
 Have a great one 🙂