The FMPI 30-Day-Squat-Challenge…. 30 Squats For 30 Days….

Day 1 : Nominating Chris Paget

Day 2:  Nominating Cynthia Segura

Day 3: Nominating David Katima


Doing the 22 day press ups challenge to raise awareness for PTSD has motivated me to launch a squat challenge myself to raise awareness for a cause that I hold very close to my heart and which is ( in my humble opinion ) one of the main sources of our stained heath as consumers of this world..

With this squat challenge I want to raise awareness beyond Cancer, beyond MS, Diabetes, Heart Diseases and many other illnesses.. I want to raise awareness about the Brainwashing and Manipulation of the consumer by the Food, Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries ( FMPI ).   Raising awareness that you CAN stop the abuse, take your health and your life into your own hands.

I hope to reach and touch as many people as possible from Lebanon to around the globe.

The squats challenge goes as follows:

I will use the #22pressups challenge concept ( I hope the#22pressups people don’t mind ).

* I will be nominating one different person every day and once nominated you start the challenge the next day ( or whenever you can ).

*Every day you record yourself doing 30 squats ( any squat variation goes )  Try to finish 30 repetitions even if you need to hold on to a bar for support or need to take short breaks try to finish 30 squats safely.

*In turn every day you must nominate one different person..

*Have fun and enjoy 🙂

You can check out the daily challenge videos thru this link

Day 4:  Nominating Pamela Inati and Omar Aoun

Day 5 : Nominating Georgina Scarlata

Day 6:  Nominating Meedo Creisat

Day 7:  Nominating Zeina Nicolas

Day 8: Nominating Yani Kokozaki

Day 9: Nominating Danielle Tewtel Rahbani

Day 10: Nominating Annie Khoury

Day 11: Nominating Caroline Haley

Day 12: Nominating Bachir Maroun

Day 13: Nominating Nadine Bitar and Nour

Day 14: Nominating Walid Khayata

Day 15: Nominating Pauline Bresse 

Day 16: Nominating Nagib Abboud

Day 17: Nominating Stephanie Madi and Kids

Day 18: Nominating Anna Maria

Day 19: Nominating Nazar Tapanian

Day 20: Nominating Naji Raad