The Dubai Rugby Sevens 2010

The Rugby Sevens is an international event that takes place in 8 different countries. 
The Dubai Rugby Sevens is the first round of this  eight-leg International Rugby Board Sevens World Series with the next rounds taking place in South Africa, New Zealand, USA, Hong Kong, Australia, England and Scotland.

A rugby fan myself, it is my first time watching a live International Rugby Tournament. What an experience on all levels. The games, the fun, the atmosphere and the players.

First day was invitational teams only. So basically amateurs teams and there was over a hundred of them competing. It was great to see people of all ages, sizes and fitness levels playing and enjoying every minute of it. You don’t have to be a professional rugby player to take part in the amateurs teams, you just have to know the rules and be ready to have some fun. Which I think is amazing. Everyone is there with a great attitude. If they win, fantastic!!! If not, they would have had a good time.  

Day 2 and 3 the International games started on the main pitch while the amateurs continued their pool competition on the mini pitches. 
Watching the Internationals was quite impressive. 
RUGBY… What a great game !

The weather was gorgeous, sunny and warm during the day and gets a bit chilly when the sun sets. So basically we cook in the sun during the day and then cool down after sunset. 

Many different kiosks around the venue for our break times. From Hercules Trophy “Rotating Wall Climb” competition, to the DeWalt “Fastest 5 Screws Into A Board” competition and many other fun stuff. Games are timed and prizes await the best. Lines of people queuing to just give it a go.

Food courts, kids playground are all part of the huge venue but the most popular spot was the Heineken Tent, where everyone takes a break from the sun to have a beer or two or three or hmmm actually a lot more, while socializing, pix and fun. 

Walking around you mostly see assiduous rugby fans, from the families with kids to beer lovers and the awesomely fancy dressed who you can’t help but smile at and stop the best ones to take pix of – if not with 🙂 . Green Hulk with blue eyes, Wonder woman with a very hairy chest, BIG Santa, The two nurses, The Charity twins in blue tight shorts, Cavemen, big cuddly bird ” Famous Grouse “, Kilts-man, just to mention a few. And then on the main pitch, looking from above/from a distance, you see huge patches of orange everywhere, DHL, one of the main sponsors, were giving away red/yellow curly hair wigs that everybody put on. What an atmosphere !!!

While sitting with my friends watching the finals England v/s Samoa, all the international players started coming up and mixing with the crowds. For some reason they were all coming over to our side of the stadium, to our joy of course :). Needless to say, I lost my concentration on the game when the Argentinean team were all around where I was sitting. One sat shoulder to shoulder, another sat at my knees then a loud laughter behind me made me turn around to face a set of athletic calves, I look up to fit knees and thighs, following those awesomely shaped legs up and up and up they wouldn’t finish then a rounded behind in sweaty shorts followed by a tanned naked back, huge shoulders and shoulder length wet hair… No comment here, except my neck was hurting 🙂 Now how can I possibly turn back to follow the game when those creatures were around me!!
My friends have always said that women watch rugby not for the game itself but to watch the players gorgeous bodies.. I must say, They do have a point there 🙂

I was there for a Live final so better make the best of it. Pix pix pix.. What a feeling must be for both teams playing. The winning team all joy and all smiles, walking chest open head high with their arms in the air, smiles ear to ear. While the less lucky team all tears, smiles deserting their faces, moving slowly head down shoulders rounded, feels like they all shrunk a few inches just as the referee blew the final whistle. Although I wasn’t really excited about England winning, I must say they played a totally awesome game, they absolutely deserved the trophy. Their last score, few seconds before the end, was absolutely amazing. One thing we were all wondering about though, what’s with their outfit? Orange and yellow?!! Were they sponsored by DHL ?!!

At the final whistle, many of the England fans ran into the pitch. Security guards who tried to stop them to no avail, just gave up with a smile. Only one guy, crazy, running half naked into the grass, was followed thoroughly by the head of security and caught half way over the fence. His friends tried but wouldn’t get any answer as to what is going to happen to him. It’s a shame really that he was to end his week end on a bad note. So much had happened in the past days that deserved more than just security interference but nothing and this unlucky guy paid for the 3 days of security frustration.

The Rugby Concert Party: After the trophy was handed out and pix were taken with the players, every one ended up inside and around the Heineken tent dancing and singing to a live band’s music, sharing a dance or two, dancing on tables, carrying each other and swinging, great atmosphere, great party!!                        

Very well organized event. What an amazing experience. 

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