” Ritta Wakim isn’t a personal trainer–she’s a force of nature that will compel you to achieve levels of fitness beyond what you can imagine. Thanks to Ritta, in my forties I’ve achieved the best shape in my life. Ritta worked with me to create a personalized workout routine, which took my fitness level and injuries into account. She then worked with me individually to build my strength and cardio.

Though I worked out harder than I ever thought possible, she never pressured me to do anything beyond my capabilities. Most importantly, she always paid close attention to correct form to prevent injuries.   I’d always avoided doing push ups, which aggravated my lower back injury, but Ritta took time to teach me the correct method, so that by the end of my two years with her, I’d be doing push-ups in the 100s–something I never thought possible.

Ritta trains people of all levels in a positive, healthy environment. Your fitness routine will be unique to your skills and level. You will always be challenged, but never judged!

Ritta’s unique fitness regime takes the best aspects of a variety of forms of exercise: cross-fit, weights, cardio. As such, there is no other workout like it in the world! I simply can’t recommend Ritta strongly enough. Sign up, the only thing you have to lose is your fat!

Cynthia S.


” Ritta is the best gift I’ve given myself.  In the past two years, she has helped me to be healthier, stronger, and more confident.  Not only have I lost 30 pounds and kept it off, I am in the best shape of my life.

Due to a knee injury I have, she is always responsive when an exercise seems to be aggravating it and is quick to adapt the workout so I get the full benefit of the session.

One of my biggest fears leaving Lebanon was that I would gain all the weight I lost with her.  However, with her guidance on how to approach food and trying to remain active as much as possible, I have not gained a pound. I actually maintained my muscle mass and the confidence to try new things like martial arts.

Ritta also taught me that just because you don’t succeed at first or you feel everything is moving at a snail’s pace, does not mean that you cannot reach your goals.  I feel happier and more confident not only because I’ve lost weight with Ritta, but also because she helped me become stronger in mind and body.

Thank you for the two years of success we had together.



” Training with Ritta has had a tremendous positive impact on my health and I am so thankful for everything she taught me about fitness and health.  I suffered for many years with degenerative disc disease because of an injury I sustained as an athlete in college.  While I exercised regularly, I had almost constant lower back pain and pulled my back out every few months.  Over the years, my pain steadily grew worse and I worried about the many sick days I spent away from work laying in bed and taking painkillers.  I tried yoga, pilates, and weight machines, but nothing seemed to help.

Meeting Ritta truly changed my life.  Ritta taught me a new way of exercising that strengthened my core in ways that I never thought possible and I achieved a level of fitness that I never had before.  While I thought I would never survive my first few workouts with her, I realized that my body responded quickly to all of the burpees, push ups, squat jumps, and planks that she made me do.  Ritta knew how to constantly challenge me and she never let me give up, no matter how impossible I found the workout.  Most importantly, my back pain went away and I found myself enjoying normal activities again without the constant fear that I would hurt my back.  Living without pain is an amazing feeling and it is all thanks to Ritta pushing me.

Now that I have left Lebanon, I have continued to work out 3-4 times a week using the workouts Ritta taught me.  Even when I was stuck in a hotel for a week with no gym access, I was able to workout effectively, as she showed me how to use my own body weight to challenge myself.  And no matter how tired I feel…I know that Ritta is out there reminding me “come on, you can do just 10 more burpees!  Yella!” “

 Georgina S.


” I am full of praise for everything that Ritta taught me and all that I accomplished thanks to her. Ritta got me out of my comfort zone, taught me how to push myself and endure pain, the good pain. She kept and still keep me motivated, she challenged me and just altogether changed my entire lifestyle.

I am 10000 kilometers away from Ritta but all of the progress that I continue to make is thanks to her.

Ritta laid the foundation in Beirut, and anywhere I am today, I think about her when I get ready to workout. I imagine her yelling at me “Yalla Dimitry” to motivate myself as I work out and I incorporate all of her advice to maintain proper form and good healthy nutrition. ”

Dimitry M.


” Working with Ritta is one of the best things that ever happened to me!  I worked with Ritta 1-on-1 and in a group/class setting.  Individually, Ritta prepares you for success. Her workouts are challenging, but the goals she helps you set are achievable and, with hard work and perseverance, you succeed. In her classes, Ritta ensures that the workouts are appropriate for all involved.  Ritta helped me learn that with hard work, I could set and achieve fitness goals and take control over my fitness and health. Ritta’s professional experience and great interpersonal skills make her an ideal trainer and coach.  “


“I worked with Ritta for about a year at the American Embassy in Beirut. The embassy grounds are utilitarian and have no perks, so working out and running there was not very exciting– until I met Ritta.

Ritta turned concrete stairs in the site of a challenging full body workout. She transformed a ramshackle road into a 400 meter hill workout. She treated me to a gut wrenching workout on a helicopter pad. She showed me how to use any space to challenge my body and mind in limitless ways. While working out with Ritta my body truly transformed. I have always been active, but Ritta took me to the next level, helping me focus my exercise and diet in a way that built muscle and trimmed fat. Ritta is skilled at using the latest technology and exercise equipment, but she is not limited by it. She is comfortable working with clients in any environment. Ritta customizes her workout for her clients with unparalleled efficiency. When I became pregnant, Ritta altered my workouts carefully, to continue challenging me, yet slowing the pace and intensity as my pregnancy progressed. Ritta helped me stay active and found ways for me to move, even when I struggled with the nausea and fatigue of early pregnancy. I was able to continue exercising through 41 weeks of pregnancy. I will always be thankful for the time I had with Ritta in Beirut and my only regret is that I couldn’t pack her in my suitcase and take her home with me! ”

Lisa W.


“I never thought it possible to be able to run a 5k. I also never thought it possible to be able to hike on a mountain peak or climb a vertical rock week after week. Not because I have extra weight around my waist, but because I have an incredible lack of muscle strength. Or at least, I used to.

After meeting Ritta everything changed. I love mountain hiking now. I crave it. Just as much as I crave rock climbing and running 5Ks. Going out on the splendid Lebanese mountain ridges and valleys was the highlight of each weekend spent in Lebanon. With Ritta and her friends everything became a great social event in the great outdoors. I started to build muscle mass little by little, feeling stronger each time. I got to the point where hiking for 17 kilometers was a piece of cake. I advanced from simple rock climbing to lead climbing in a few weeks. And why not, I am also proud to say that the muscle definition on my arms and legs looks quite sexy too.

Ritta will make you walk the line and you’ll love it before even feeling any pain. She’ll make you be disciplined and true to yourself. She has a wonderful smile and with that little trick she’ll make you love every little bit of your exercise routine. I have seen her in the gym many times training guys that could easily be her father or grandfather. They all obey her commands on the required routine with all the strength they can muster. She makes them give it all, to the last bit when pushing the irons.

The other achievement that I personally witnessed is that at no American Post overseas have I seen so many Americans in the Gym, training with a professional like Ritta and being on a regular exercise schedule. This is fantastic. We don’t need magic diets, we need about 100 of Rittas here in the States to make us all lead a healthy life.

I must say that I used to wear long sleeve shirts and long legged pants on the rare occasions I visited the gym. After meeting Ritta and signing up for her weekend mountain hiking, rock climbing or rappelling adventures, I can say, ignoring modesty, that I have never been more confident walking into a gym. A strong body does support a strong mind as well.

Thank you, Ritta! ”

Mihaela Biliovschi


” Rigorous, Innovative, Tough-Training Athlete…RITTA.

We have had the fantastic good fortune to be hiking and rock-climbing expedition buddies with Ritta.  Hiking with her on Lebanon’s scenic mountain trails shapes your spirit as much as your leg muscles; you enjoy her delightful social company and great sense of humor, letting the conversation carry you along the ridges with ease.   She motivates those struggling with a steep ascent and is constantly aware whenever anyone needs an emotional boost or word of encouragement.  During trailside chats, you come to appreciate the depth and breadth of Ritta’s knowledge about nutrition, various fitness regimes and, if you ask the right questions, you will marvel at her accomplishments as a martial artist as well as Lebanon’s first certified female fitness trainer.

And don’t let the sweet face fool you, Ritta can be as tough as a steel railroad spike if she feels you have the physical potential and you’re not giving enough!!! ”

Dr. Derrin R. Smith


“Having Ritta as my personal trainer was one of the most enjoyable aspects of the time I spent in Lebanon. Her bright and cheerful demeanor complements her solid work ethic and knowledge-based approach to physical fitness. At the time, I was a 27-year Navy SEAL and her Cross-Fit workouts were equal to anything the Teams ever put me through. And Ritta is fully capable of doing everything she asks of her clients – she pushes you hard but can lead from the front. She is a truly outstanding example of a dedicated, switched-on trainer who provides her clients full value for the money. She is truly “good people.””

Carrick Cheney – Naval Officer


“Ritta is an absolutely fantastic personal trainer!! Me, and those around me saw immediate and quick results to my physique. Ritta has a wonderful personality, and I would always look forward to my sessions with her. She tailors workouts according to your endurance level, and I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone. You see results fast!”

Caroline Chalouhi-Brennan


‘I ran cross-country with Ritta. A tougher, more determined young lady would be hard to imagine. She has iron discipline (in a very athletic physique) but she also knows how to have fun and always has a ready smile and laugh. Go Ritta! ‘

Kevin Smorthwaite –


“I have had Ritta as a personal trainer for a long time. She is extremely professional in her approach to fitness in general and customized training in particular. She has achieved great results with me over the years and would still train with her had I not moved abroad. I strongly recommend her whether you are a beginner or an advanced athlete.”

Karim Fadel


Ritta made working out so much fun, I was happy to get out of bed to meet her at 5:45 am.  She excelled at pushing me to do my best in an encouraging way, and I appreciated her philosophy and approach to training.  I had been intimidated by the gym before, but I discovered the joy of feeling capable and strong.  In the two years we worked together she helped me transform my body and my life.  I am much healthier and happier as a result and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to start working out or who is already fit and wanting to reach new goals.
— D.G.


I trained with Ritta for more than a year and I learned a lot about self-motivation and self-discipline. Since beginning training with Ritta, I’ve dropped 5kg and my newfound motivation will help me to lose 4 more. Ritta’s experience and skill would help anyone to get into better shape.

Mike Pitts


“Ritta is an excellent trainer, and I would definitely recommend her to anyone. She is very knowledgeable, and works with you and your needs to help you achieve your goals. Ritta is also very friendly and can push you in your workouts while staying friendly and fun.”

Teresa Schauer


 “I think Ritta is one of the most professional and dedicated athletes and trainers in the country. She has great motivational skills that bring out the best in the person she is training.”
Khaled Zeidan

” Ritta understands health and fitness, and she understands how to safely and effectively tailor workouts to each individual person’s needs.  Using her own combination of multiple workout styles, she maximises the benefits of each style and keeps workouts interesting and fun.  She taught me new exercises and an exercise mentality that I’ve continued to practice on my own several years after leaving Beirut.  I can still hear her encouraging words in my mind when I work out!  If I could, I’d have a pocket Ritta to take with me all over the world to keep my mind and body in shape.  Yalla!  ”



 “Ritta is an amazing trainer. She offers personalized attention to all of her students, and motivates them to do more and better. She truly led me to my fitness “peak,” and even though I still workout, I have to use lighter dumbbells and kettlebells than I did when I was working out with Ritta. Ritta, you truly made me stronger, and also set my mind to accomplish more than I ever thought possible. Also, I looked amazing at my wedding thanks to you (which we all know, seeing results is an important part of working out for me)!”
Victoria Tyszka

Ritta changed my life: from the way I eat, to my posture and how I include sports and fitness in my everyday life. I became more demanding with myself and my body, just as much as she is demanding with me. Her rigor and discipline became part of my everyday life, I now like to challenge myself in everything.



For somebody who thinks being a couch potato is an Olympic sport, Ritta really has helped get me into shape over the past two years. I was usually the last one picked on team sports in gym. She is very conscious of proper form and has a good motivation style. I no longer try to negotiate my way out of doing certain exercises – I just do them. I have grown much more confident in my own abilities and have participated in sports activities I would have never dreamed of doing – rock climbing and rappelling! Oh, and by the way, I’m over 50!



In only a few months of training with Ritta she has taught me so much! Most importantly, she has shown me my own strengths and abilities that I never even realized or believed I had. She teaches people how to dig down deep, challenge yourself, and really truly give it everything you’ve got. She stays with you every step of the way and is truly an inspiration with her own fitness routine, personality and way of life!

Corinne Kuhar


Ritta introduced me to weight and interval training. It took me a while to decide to join her class because I am not the athletic type like most others were in the class. I thought I couldn’t do it, but with Ritta’s guidance and encouragement I was amazed at how much I was able to accomplish and how much I improved. My body is at its best when I am working out with her, and now that I can’t continue her classes, I still use the technique she taught me. Anytime I do a plank or a squat or use a dumbbell I am aware of how to protect my body.
If you’re wondering whether you should start working out with Ritta, give it a try!
If I could do it, anyone can!