Some Of The Mistakes Made About Cholesterol

1- Cutting out all fat.
2- Not eating enough good fats.
3- Overlooking abdominal fat.
4- No eggs.
5- Stop eating meat.

I personally am vegetarian so I basically do not eat egg yolks or meat but for those of you who are not vegetarians (4) and (5) are for you.

1- Cutting out all fat:
People often think that all fat is bad and completely cut out all spreads, nuts, avocados and oils. However, some fat is essential and healthy in the diet. It’s only the ‘bad’ saturated fats that need to be kept out for lowering cholesterol levels.

2- Not eating enough good fats:
Polyunsaturated fats such as wheatgerm oil and nuts have excellent ability to drive down high cholesterol and they are also major source of Vitamin E.
Mono-unsaturated fats from olives, macadamias and avocados reduce levels of harmful LDL cholesterol. This explains the healthy heart benefits of a mediterranean diet which is high in fat but where the fat is mainly mono-unsaturated.
Omega 3 oils from fish can lower blood pressure and reduce blood clots which are both beneficial for a healthy cardiovascular system.

3- Overlooking abdominal fat:
Abdominal fat is more dangerous than fat found on buttocks, thighs and arms. People should aim at having a waist measurement which is the same size or less than their hips.

4- No eggs:
As long as the eggs are not fried or drowning in cream / butter, then two eggs a week are fine for even the strictest cholesterol lowering regime.

5- Stop eating meat:
Lean red meat has anywhere between 2-4% of fat which is similar to chicken with the skin removed – so if you are a meat eater, red meat should be included.