RAK Half-Marathon…

Running the RAK half marathon was out of the pix for me since I had cracked my kneecap while falling flat faced a few weeks ago in Nepal, had been in pain and not able to move my knee without cringing since then. I just wanted to get to the start line with my running buddy and awesome friend Cynthia, why not I thought since I have a BIB number but I had forgotten what a nut head, non-quitter I was.

The start line turned into a few meters which turned into my managing to run 5.5 k slow before my knee started crying. At that point my brain had gone into nuthead mode- all I could see was my finisher medal and crossing the finish line on my legs so there was no way in sight that I was gona stop unless carried out from the course.
But I had to start walk / jog which I managed to do slowly until the 14k point where pain increased and as much as it is frustrating for me to just walk I had to get reasonable and stop running..  My friend couldn’t believe that instead of music, I had plugged some meditation stuff into my ears to calm my frustration down and reset my brain to keep me walking. That was the only way I could have walked until the 17-18km point, where finally a medical tent, got a bag of ice, strapped it on my knee and a few minutes later knee numbed by ice, I started running again or I should say jogging limping dragging my leg behind me until I crossed the finish line 3 hrs 20′ later and one of the last probably 10 out of 3600 participants.. disastrous ay? At least I wasn’t last 🙂

I was in pain but smiling cos I got my finisher medal and I cannot even believe I ran 21km on a broken kneecap. I don’t know how I did it to be honest. I don’t know how my knee lasted that long.

The mistake was getting to the start line in the first place 🙂

The RAK Half marathon was really well organized. I plan on running it again next year, hopefully in less than 3hrs and 20′ 😀

Now I have officially run a marathon on a distorted ankle. A half marathon on a broken kneecap, am scared to register for a 10k race 😀