Pre-Fit-February-28-Day-Fitness-Challenge Tips and Details…

Good morning, Good afternoon, Good evening…

From Beirut to the UAE, Oman, Jordan, France, USA, Honduras, Australia, Serbia, Belgium, Germany, Saudi Arabia, India, UK, Egypt, Barbados, Uruguay and more, thank you all for signing up to The Fit February 28-Day Fitness Challenge.

Just like every year, I am very excited about this event and this year even more so as I am taking it global with almost 70 people today signing up from all corners of the world..

A few pre-challenge tips to motivate you thru a successful 28 days of staying active and getting fitter + details on how the challenge works:

1- When you receive my daily email open the link and save the workout somewhere u can access quickly and easily, do not leave it for later. TAKE ACTION AS SOON AS YOU RECEIVE MY MAIL. Any action that would work for you, save the workout routine of the day to your calendar, copy it on a piece of paper, leave it as a reminder note on your phone, post-it note on your fridge or your laptop/PC screen, anything that makes you remember to do it and not just read it and say, ” OK I will do it later. ”

2- Keep your sports gear handy: Keep some spare workout clothes in the trunk of your car, at the office, your parents house, your BF/GF place.

Workout clothes handy = Higher chance of successfully performing your daily routine.

3- Keep a timer with you ( your phone, your watch etc )

4- Never underestimate what your body can do. Remember that your body can ALWAYS go waaaayyyy longer than when your mind tells you to stop.

5- Self-commitment is key for the next 28 days starting Saturday February 1st.. Open the daily message you will receive from me, it will include a link and a password. Click on the link which will take you to the daily routine page where you can insert the password, get the workout and be ready for action.

6- This Fitness Challenge is appropriate to all levels as each daily message includes 2 workouts for 2 different fitness levels. Pick the challenge that suits your level best ( more details below ) and follow it for the rest of the month.

7- Each workout link gives you the possibility to post a comment. Use it to post your time for the workout of the day or any questions / feedback you have. I strongly recommend that you time yourself for each workout no matter what level you are or how long it takes you to finish. Your times are yours and yours alone. You can post them to the workout page to compare with others if you wish to do so but it is definitely not an obligation.

8- The Fitness Challenge – how it works:


* Each one of you will receive an email with a basic workout that consists of a few exercises. Perform them back to back at your own pace, according to number of repetitions or seconds required.

* Time yourself and save your time.


* The training to improve your time and fitness starts.

* You will receive a daily workout of the same exercises, sometimes less but not more. The daily message will include 2 workouts for different fitness levels, pick the workout that suits your level and go for it.

* A link to a video explaining each exercise will be included.

Workout 1: Level 1 – You are level 1 if:

– You are new to exercise.

– You have not worked out at all in over a year.

– You don’t know what a Burpee is.

– You have heard about a burpee or seen a friend do a burpee but think it is the devil’s tool to torture and don’t believe you can perform even ONE burpee.

Workout 2: Level 2 and above. You are level 2 and above if:

– You already workout

– You are familiar with the exercises.

– You haven’t worked out for a short while but still you are familiar with the exercises.

– You also believe that a burpee is the devil’s tool to torture but you still do it after all.

– If you fall in this category, the first few days of the challenge might not feel tough enough for you BUT do not skip it, as each day will prepare you for the next one. In the event that the routine is not tough enough yet, my advice is to use it as a warm up / pre-workout routine or as a finisher in your daily training .

* The repetitions will start low and increase gradually as we move closer to Day 28.

C- DAY 28:

You will be performing the same challenge from Day 1 and compare your times to see how much you have improved in just 28 days.

All thru the month of February, from the beginning of the challenge until the last day, feel free to drop me a note or comment with any questions you have regarding the challenge.

From Beirut to the rest of the world, the Fit February 28-Day Fitness Challenge will become part of your day for the next 28 days. You will be receiving the workout the night before or the same morning, depends where you are in the world.

I am so looking forward to February 🙂

You will hear from me again soon ( before Saturday 🙂 )

Have an awesome day

Keep smiling 🙂