Our breed of Athletes… By Nour Halaby…

Some of us Athletes dont intertwine with the lebanese “a-athletic” community; gym’s the new trend. Everyone’s all of a sudden an “athlete” at the mere dumbell grab.

Sports; definition of the word? reality ? reality maims definition. This athlete here is a work of…sports (where sports meet definition): a vegan, no chronic supplement use, no body shaping, no aspiration to step onsatge in a bikini and shoot for the pro card…years of outdoor extreme sports, running marathons, rock climbing , quite a “joint wrecking” process…we are the “unfettered to the point of recklesness” breed of athlete…. a lot more than meets the eye. Do forgive the lack of make up, lingerie and bed sheets in the background…we are simply attempting to cleanse the perceptions of most : sports will not be canalized into a new form of sex industry!

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