Omar Samra is going into space….

Omar Samra is a truly inspiring human being..

– The 1st Egyptian to climb the 7-Summits.

– The World’s 1st Carbon Neutral 7-Summits.

– The 1st Egyptian & youngest Arab at the time to summit Everest.

– The 1st Arab to summit Aconcagua solo.

And his latest achievement, a few weeks ago:

– Winning thru a tough competition that will allow him the opportunity to fly 100km above sea level and into outer space, has made him the first Egyptian and one of the unique special people in the world to soon live this space journey which will take place in 2014.

All of the above ( and I have only mentioned a few ) were achieved by ONE SINGLE HUMAN BEING… One who still carries his head on his shoulders.. One who touches you with his humbleness when you first meet him, one whose ego is still as leveled as any other ‘normal’ person.. Many I know have achieved way less than Omar Samra, have experienced way less than Omar Samra, yet their egos are sadly up in the sky, sitting on a cloud..

I have met Omar Samra, I have hiked with Omar Samra and I can tell you, if you want some real inspiration in your life, Inspiration to do anything that you don’t trust you can do.. Inspiration to challenge yourself beyond anything you thought possible.. Inspiration to go out and give the world a good kick.. Inspiration to just be a good human being, cherished by the universe, follow Omar

Omar.. Thank you for being the human being that you are… You rock !!! 🙂