My Workshop with Emmet Louis

I am a vegan athlete who has always been into hardcore workouts where if am not suffocating in the last burpee and am not hurting the next day then it has not been a good workout, not doing as much strength as I should have though.

I have always had lots of interest in gymnastics but never really had the chance to work on it. So when in the last couple of years I started getting interested in more bodyweight strength and movement practice, I shifted my training into that field where gymnastic work is part of it.

The Berlin workshop with Emmet is the first workshop I have done where everything, from the first second to the last, is interesting for me to use in my everyday training. It is very rare having an excellent teacher who generously shares with you everything with details and who has the amazing skills of detecting small improvements and using them to positively motivate you. A teacher who has the skills to explain and correct you in such a way that makes the performance of the movement smooth and easy to grasp.

I started training with Emmet a few months ago before I joined his workshop last month in Berlin where I was thrilled at everything we have practiced and learned.. From introducing us to new ways of moving with our bodies: alone, with objects and within a group – to all the handstands work, juggling and mobility, to the straps spinning with Emily and the awesome people I met there. It was an amazing week end.

Thank you Emmet, Elise and Emily for such an awesome week end.