Meeting the San Diego Hash House Harriers Crowd

I had contacted the hashers in San Diego before I got here and planned on joining them on the hash run tonight Friday the 2nd.

Although I had done 2 workouts today and I was sore all over: my legs, arms, lower back, the whole lot but it’s not a big deal the hash is just a fun run and actually my soreness would get better if I stay active. Besides I miss hashing so it will be good on all levels, sports and fun.

I got a ride with the hare of the day. He explained to me that today was live haring and that it wasn’t a very long run, just about 5 miles for the Eagle trail ( long ) and much less for the Turkey trail ( short , mainly walkers ). Should be a maximum of 1 hour for all he said, which I thought is OK although I hadn’t done a long distance run in over 3 years.

By the way , live haring = The trail is not marked ahead of time, the hare takes off when most of the hashers have arrived. He starts setting the trail along the way, the hashers wait 15 minutes before they start looking for the trail and then they have to walk at least 3 minutes before starting to run.

Most of the hashers were there and off went the hare for his sneaky live trail setting. I was introduced, a harriette from Beirut, to the San Diego hashers, it’s a very friendly hash, nice crowd.

15′ have passed and we started looking for the trail. Of course I was with the runners.

We were quite a big group of good runners. I was surprised with myself that I was keeping up with the front runners after such a long time of no running. I was feeling the soreness in my legs growing by the minute but I was keeping up pretty well. About 30′ into the trail we got to a sign that said left T ( Turkeys ) and right E ( Eagles ). VT, the front runner, went for the E and I was just behind him so followed him, of course I will not go for the T even if I was going to die on the E trail, my legs just wouldn’t accept that I take them on the T trail.

What I didn’t realize though is that I was the only one who followed VT, all the rest of the group were familiar with the area and figured out that it was just an extra loop to delay the runners so that the walkers could catch up with us. And what I didn’t mention before is that VT is a marathon runner and he is training for I can’t remember which international marathon. Bottom line I followed the wrong guy!!!

A few minutes into the E trail we both realized that we were doing the same loop again but we thought it will be an extra workout so we both kept going. Before I knew it, VT had disappeared, flying into the trail and I was there like a little rabbit lost in the woods, hopping around looking for the flour. By the time I finished the extra loop and arrived back at the T and E trail separation again, everyone had already passed it. It was dark now and I had no idea where I was. All I was hoping for is that I keep finding the trail so that I get myself back to the cars. Since I didn’t know where I was at all, I couldn’t shortcut, I had to find every blob in order to get to the next one.

Finally after 1 hour and 20 minutes I found my way back to the cars. I was dying, my legs were so heavy and sore I barely could lift them. I was so hungry, my stomach shrunk to my back.

So much for a fun hash run ay?

When I found the rest of the group, they said they knew it was a trick and usually those tricks only work with visitors, like “yours truly” because we don’t know how where or what is going on.

What a great day it was today !! Very fulfilling I must say..

Tomorrow, I have a training session with a new instructor in another gym, where a couple of friends are taking me to check it out. God be with me.