Greek Islands Getaway…

The Greek Islands.. The perfect getaway from the mainland.. A few days away are always good especially when well spent.. This time I stayed on Spetses.. One of the most charming Greek Islands.. What makes it the best is that it is car free.. The only cars you come across are the few taxis.. Other means of transportation are the scooters, horse carriages and bikes..

We rented bikes from a German born lady, a smiling happy woman who left Germany to live the Island life.. Smart woman 🙂

We cycled around the Island, stopping at gorgeous beaches along the way, the water gives you a delightful sensation of cold, fresh and clean….. You loose yourself and don’t want to come out..

Eating in simple amazing restaurants on the beach was not a must but just part of the whole setting, part of the experience, simply part of being there…

Food is fresh and delicious.. People are laid-back, cool and smiling.. Lots of space to exercise and move..

Spetses: Added to my short list of Islands to move to.