Fit February – 28 Days – Fitness Challenge…

FEBRUARY 1st, CHALLENGE ONE.                      FEBRUARY 28th, CHALLENGE TWO. 

February 1st : Challenge ONE – Day 1 

Perform the circuit that will be posted for that day. Time yourself and save your time for Challenge TWO.

Day 2 thru Day 27: 

A daily workout will be posted for you to perform, getting you gradually stronger and fitter until Day 28.

February 28th: Challenge TWO – Day 28

Perform the circuit from the Challenge One – Day 1, time yourself again and compare your times.

Notice: This is a basic challenge created for people of all fitness levels.
Beginners: Perform it as your daily workout.
Intermediates:  Make it part of your daily workout.
Advanced: Warm up with the daily routine as a pre-workout circuit.
Any way you choose to use this challenge, you are a winner, as the Fit-February 28-Day Fitness Challenge:

– Strengthens your arms and legs.

– Improves your pillar strength ( Pillar strength consists of your hips, core and shoulders stability. It is the foundation      for all movement ).

– Improves your stamina.

– Travels with you everywhere.

– Can be performed anywhere.

– Challenges your will to commitment.

Have fun with it 🙂

Share it with your friends, motivate each other or just perform it solo.

To sign up and receive your daily challenge, email with the following written in the Subject line : Sign up for Fit February 28-Day Fitness Challenge.

You will then receive every day an email with a password that will give you access to the FREE challenge of the day, the possibility to post your time if you wish to compare with others, post your questions and ask for FREE expert advice.