Fit Feb 28-Day Fitness Challenge Completed…


February has come to an end, so did our 28 days of fitness challenge.

Great to have had you all on board. I was thrilled to see that great improvements were achieved by many, cutting down original challenge time by 8 to 15 minutes. I am proud of every one’s commitment and great achievements. Some felt stronger and faster on the second challenge without much improvement on their times and that is a huge achievement too.

Not everyone performed the complete 28 days, some missed a few days here and there, some just stopped after a few days for different reasons, some started later and are still finishing the challenge now and some did actually do the full challenge.

Regardless of which category you fall under, I want to thank you for your participation.

Different varieties of fitness challenges are in the planning for the near future.

You will get the updates soon 🙂

Stay fit and have an awesome week


Ritta 🙂