Deghri Messengers : The first bicycle courier messenger in the Arab world…


A Delivery Service For A Greener Beirut….  

A dream job at Deghri Messengers where you can mix earning money, practicing a hobby, enjoying the crazy roads and moving around the city without being stuck in traffic jams, plus being environmental friendly while traveling 80 km per day!


Starting September 16th 2013, Lebanon will be the first country in the Arab world to witness the birth of a bicycle messenger service. The cycling experience is transferred from Europe to Beirut, a loud and active city where bike messengers could really make a difference.
Deghri Messengers is a part of CyclingCircle SARL Company, a newly established company owned by Mr. Karim Sokhn aiming to promote bicycle usage in cities as well as in businesses…

The cyclists will be carrying and delivering packages, items or materials to companies or to private homes in greater Beirut, by bicycle and as fast, environmentally friendly and efficiently as possible.
In the first period, Deghri Messengers will be servicing an area from Nahr al Maut to the Airport and of course including Beirut city. “We count on Zawarib’s maps for finding the best back-street routes and overcoming the heavy traffic roads and rings” mentioned a member of Deghri Messengers. “Among many services, our riders are the most efficient; they can carry 10 kilograms of goods all over Beirut and reach their destinations on time!”

“The Deghri team includes 7 men and 1 girl, mainly students between 20 and 30 years old. Our cyclists, since they have years of cycling experience, are very efficient in changing their tires, so we keep our deliveries on time” said Matt Saunders, adding, “these services are ideal for business-to-business relations, to overcome congestion particularly during rush hour, and deliver items on time…”

Mohamed Cheblak, another member of the Deghri Messengers’ team, a very active member in Lebanese Critical Mass movement, as well as a member of the National Coalition for Sustainable Transportation said: “our services will not only solve a big problem of the Lebanese transportation system … but also provide a clean, environmental friendly tool. We also offer a fast delivery service that can reduce time.”

Matt Saunders talked about his experience in the field in Switzerland, where bike messengers are very common, “Companies do save a lot of money, a huge amount of fuel and time by using our services, instead of spending hours on crowded roads”.

By doing a short calculation using V4 Advisors’ tools, we assume that each biker will ride only 80 km per day, 6 days a week, 302 days (excluding holidays and Sundays), which is equivalent to something between 80 km to 160 km trip per fuel powered mode of transport per day.

The Deghri Messengers riders will save between 10 to 38 Kg of CO2eq per day, which is equivalent to 24.4 to almost 92 Tonnes of CO2eq per year – approximately what a 100 Watt incandescent light bulb emits in 25 years as powered by EDL for 8 hours per day and 302 days a year.

We hope that Deghri messengers will set an example to everyone living in Beirut, encourage them to leave the car at home and get on their bikes, and work towards a safer, quieter, less polluted city…

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