Ashrafieh… Beirut… Car Bomb…

After years of calm and serenity, a car bomb hits Beirut October 19th 2012.

In one of the busiest squares of Beirut, at a time where the school buses are out on the roads and every person in the area goes thru that square to go somewhere, The Explosion !!!!

We heard it, we felt it but we didn’t want to believe that it was actually a “bomb” explosion.

We told each other, it must be a gas explosion, I kept repeating to my friend ” it cannot be a car bomb… it just cannot.. ” it’s like I was refusing to admit that we are back into the car bombs era. We went outside, saw the smoke, saw the people running up the road to the square and still I was saying it cannot be a car bomb. The phone lines stopped completely and this is when I knew deep inside it was indeed a car bomb. It took me back to the car bombs era and everything inside of me shut down. All hope for tomorrow vanished, motivation, optimism all went out the window. We are fed up … fed up …. fed up of this life threatening situation….

That afternoon I was down the road from that square, at a friend’s place, I had one hour break and originally I had planned to go to Starbucks ( which is on that square ) for my  coffee break before my next class. But my friend convinced me to have coffee with her instead by saying ” Why do you want to go have your hour break at Starbucks Sassine with the schools traffic and all it’s chaos, just stay here have your coffee and then go straight to work.”  20′ later the huge blast…!!!! I feel blessed…  I can never thank her enough and I think of those who were there at the time of the explosion… Those who were not lucky enough to have a guardian angel watching over them. I wasn’t the only one with an angel watching over me that afternoon though, I have met a few people who either changed route from the square for no reason or stopped to talk to a friend or stopped to buy some gum and missed the blast by a couple of minutes.

What scares the sh*t out of me is not to die in the explosion, although it is not the best way to die I agree, I would rather die on a hiking trail or climbing a mountain or something but still it is not what scares me, what does scare me is to get injured in the explosion, get paralyzed for life, unconscious for life or loose a body part. If I die in the explosion, I die finish, done with, whereas getting injured for life freaks me out. The two days following the explosion, I couldn’t sleep at night, I lie in bed, my eyes wide open and thinking what if my friend didn’t say anything, what if I was at Starbucks, what if I was passing by, what if… what if… what if…

I think of those who died on that day and I think more of those who were injured. I pray and hope from the bottom of my heart that they all fight their injuries away and get up and kick again.

The angels were quite busy that afternoon and I hope they will always be and even bring their angel friends too in order to watch over more and more people in one go.

God Bless us all.