Antoine Chartier … A king has fallen in the heart of his kingdom..


                                       Antoine Chartier …


                A king has fallen in the heart of his kingdom..       MLS






He has fallen in what has been his worst fear ever. For as long as I remember, Mr Chartier on the ground after each school day, after each Oasis activities day, watching closely every car, every child and every parent for his greatest fear was for a child to be run over by a car.

Immortal…. just like my father.. Was my perception of Mr ChartierYet, with the inconceivable way that this great, strong, unbreakable, unbeatable, hard shell rock, who had lived and survived thru winds and tides, got broken down , shook me into the reality that Mr Chartier was actually human….  just like my father.

Mr Chartier.. A mentor, a father, a friend, a confidant, a protector, a teacher, a tutor….. There are not enough words to describe what Mr Chartier was to me and to many others who knew him and lived his era.. 

What he gave to the youth over the years is indescribable.. From strength when weak to self-confidence when in doubt , protection when threatened, guidance when lost… He was our wise, highly respected mentor.

Mr Chartier was not a traditional confidant, he listened with his ears but also with his heart and mind, free from judgement or compassion, yet supportive in his own style.. Always present when we needed a friendly shoulder to cry on.. A protector, taking us under his wings unconditionally. A teacher, a tutor, he was one perfect complete school all by himself..  A school with lessons of humbleness and respect, lessons of honesty and sincerity, loyalty, forgiveness, discipline, faith, wisdom, values and strength…

Although Mr Chartier has never had children of his own, yet  he has raised and sent out into the world more children than any other father. He has specially and most certainly raised a Chartier Junior in the unique person of Jihad Salameh whom I have known forever and whom I highly appreciate, respect and support.

With the affection of a parent, the power of a king, the serenity of an angel, the smile of a winner, the look of a proud father and an infinitely rare generosity,  Mr Chartier was unique… Human at heart, humble and loving, Mr Chartier was a hard shell from the outside yet on the inside, a softy with the heart of a child..

A little bit of him is in each one of us.. His legacy will live on forever.. Passed on from generation to the next..

With his passing, we, the children of Mr Chartier’s era, have become orphans…

Mr Chartier, Am lucky and proud to have been one of your proteges, to have lived your era and been part of your school ..   Lucky and proud to have grown under your wings.. having all the wonderful memories that I have of you and from you..  Lucky and proud of the little things that sculpted my younger years into who I am today.

Forever Thank you.

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