A Workout For Janine And Everyone Else…

Make sure you do a good warm up before you start your workout. Get your timer ready and go.

Circuit 1:


12 Jumping Squats

9 Burps

6 Dumbell Push Press

* AMRAUC ( As Many Rounds As U Can )

Circuit 2:

3 to 5 rounds of:

10 KB Swing to KB Squats

10 Diabolo

10 Walking Lunges with weights


Explanation for Circuit 2:

First 2 exes are complex so each one includes 2 exercises in 1.

exe 1-   Swing the weight to your forehead level and then bring it under your chin to hold it for the squat, swing again and squat.

exe 2- Diabolo = Burpee / DB Renegade rows ( 1 left 1 right = 1 repetition ) / shoulder press ( 3 in 1 = 1 repetition )

exe 3- se the same KB under your chin like the squats.

If you need any more tips or explanation for the exercises or the way to perform them please do not hesitate to drop me a line.

 Have a great one :)