50 Lessons I Have Learned in LIFE and LOVE…  By Ritta TT 

1-  I learned that if you do not see change in others as a gift you cannot seek change in         yourself hence cannot evolve and grow. 

2-  I learned that you can have so many years and high degrees of education, yet still not    have learned how to love yourself.

3-  I learned that some people do not realize that making the right choice does not        require a check list nor trust in others but rather trust in themselves. 

4-  I learned that when someone asks you “ how come you are always happy ?“ it is never  about your happiness but rather about that persons unhappiness.

5-  I learned that people can hide their negative feelings and thoughts, put on a smile and pretend everything Is OK and avoid honesty if they think it’ll cause conflict cos they are not strong enough to face the truth .

6-  I learned that when people break your trust, take it in and never stop trusting as trust makes you a beautiful person.

7-  I learned that a man who does not value his woman is a man of no values and equally a woman who does not value her man is a woman of no values.

8-  I learned, that your value is not in the car you drive or the money you make, but rather in your respect of others and the level of honesty in your heart..

9-  I learned that people’s behavior towards me is a reflection of the state of their relationship with themselves rather than a statement of my value as a woman. A person’s insecurity does not make me feel any less valuable than I am.

10-  I learned that the strength of the mind makes you or breaks you. What you think of  yourself you become..

11-  I learned that while an insecure person is uncomfortable around people, a smart  insecure person seeks acknowledgement and acceptance thru being superficially  sociable.  

12-  I learned that a humble self confident person does not need a rooftop ego to feel        good and the opposite is true.. A person who needs a rooftop ego in order to feel good  lacks humbleness and self confidence.

13-  I learned that, until you accept your total self, love every inch of yourself, you cannot   understand why a beautiful fulfilled person can love you. 

14-  I learned that if you do not love yourself, you can only attract and KEEP those who do   not love themselves either. 

15-  I learned to never regret but rather learn, grow and keep evolving. 

16-  I learned that having self-confidence is beautiful and gives you the strength to move    on. 

17-  I learned that am blessed to be able to love and trust as there are people who do not   know how to love or trust. 

18-  I learned that no nationality, skill or tool can create a strong passion in you. A    genuinely strong passion is born with u.. Passion for life, passion for people, passion in    love.  

19-  I learned that forgiveness is proof of great maturity, it reflects your understanding of other people’s situations and your strength to manage any feelings of revenge.

20- I learned that if you cannot leave your past behind, it will mess up your present and  destroy your future.

21- I learned that having the strength to walk away from someone who treats you with  disrespect will spare you many years of pain. 

22- I learned to accept those who are annoyed with how I live my life – traveling, daring, learning, evolving – as they still have not reached the inner freedom or strength to live their own. 

23- I learned that what others think of how you live your life is totally none of your  business.

24-  I learned that waiting for others to make you happy is a waste of your life…. BE happy with yourself… LIVE your dreams… LOVE your body… and most importantly,        BELIEVE and FIGHT for yourself and have the COURAGE to say no …

25- I learned that living in the fantasy of a future 10 years from now, will get you missing  on some beautiful moments of today. 

26-  I have always heard that men are logical, women are emotional, I learned that men  can be as emotional as women and even more and it’s beautiful.

27- I learned that no matter how much you say a person is important to you, if you don’t  make time for them, they would not actually be that important to you.

28- I learned that thinking of that special someone daily, without showing any sign, is not  enough to make that person feel special.

29- I learned that everything happens for a reason, it might not be clear to you today but at any moment something can happen that triggers in you the big “AHA”.

30- I learned that you can get drained making the effort to satisfy someone, only with no communication you might be getting drained making the wrong effort. 

31- I learned that every relationship in life – with friends, family, partners etc – has an expiry date, it is just how you go about it that makes you smile, frown or cringe with disgust at the thought of it. 

32- I learned that insecurity makes u doubt even the simplest gestures from your partner, as simple as gently touching your face or the back of your neck.

33- I learned that an insecure person cannot receive love as insecurity grows suspicion and distrust, which both mix with love like oil and water.

34- I learned that men are like salt. The wrong dose gets your blood pressure up yet  without them life has no taste.

35- I learned that men are simply human.

36- It is said that love hurts..  I learned that Love is the only thing in life that does not  hurt. 

37- I learned that people’s loneliness and insecurity hurt… lies , disappointment and  disrespect from people hurt but love itself is heaven, love is beautiful, love is refreshing,  love is fulfilling. Love wipes out pain and makes you feel beautiful again. 

38- I learned that the feeling of love is the feeling of being alive. Laughing, crying,  happiness and anger.. the feeling of belonging and being trusted. 

39- I learned that a person who does not make you feel appreciated, beautiful, wanted,    and sexy is not a keeper and is not worth being a priority in your life. 

40-  Love is a smile – love is a tear – love is a warm tight hug that makes your heart skip a  beat.

       Love of a partner gives you butterflies in your stomach, makes your heart flutter..

       Love of a parent gives you joy and security.

       Love of a friend gives you hope with genuine support.. 

41- I  learned that better to have loved and lost than to have not loved at all. 

42- I learned that a person who knows how to love is a self confident, happy person with  glowing inner beauty. 

43- I learned to be ware how to value people, as overvaluing / undervaluing a person will  come back to bite you in your beautiful behind.  

44- I learned that no matter how strongly u love a man if he doesn’t love himself he cannot receive your love.. Instead he will be suspicious of your motives. 

45-  I learned that if someone is not treating you with love and respect, it is a blessing if they walk away from you. 

46- I learned that “ A broken heart “ is a condition that actually does exist. The actual, real feeling of your heart being broken.

47- Am blessed to be able to live my life to the full,,, 

48- Am blessed to have real beautiful people in my life, with whom I experience love, respect, beauty, friendship, brotherhood, happiness, fulfillment, generosity, faithfulness and humbleness. 

49- Am  blessed to have had fake ugly people in my life, to have experienced with them manipulation, lies, disrespect, ugliness, disappointment, unfaithfulness and arrogance.

50- And am blessed to have the wisdom to know the difference between the two.


                                      My Motto:   TO CHANGE IS TO LIVE, NOT TO CHANGE IS TO DIE