5 Elements Organic Bastion…

A bastion for endangered farming, dairy, medicinal and housing practices of global origins and concern, that can provide a betterment to society as a whole.

With awareness to how traditional and alternative farming methods are disappearing at a global pace, 5 Elements will practice the ways of alternative living, where land provides all that man requires to live, healthily and in harmony with his surroundings. We will prove that living organically and traditionally—without chemicals, pesticides and preservatives—cannot just be achieved, but profitable also.

As a western concept, we will not be focusing only on Nepalese herbs and vegetables, but of those globally: Korean Ginseng, Italian Plum tomatoes, Indian Saffron, English Chamomile, Nepalese Tulsi and Dairy also.

Globally herbal medicine cultivation is near lost, dairy cows pumped with hormones, plants no longer produce pollen and homes built without a single thought to our environment.

5 Elements aims to keep these practices active for the benefit of future generations and for the betterment of everyday life.

Using ancient practices that still live in the Himalayas and modern scientific research we will use the five elements of life: Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Sky, incorporating them into our everyday farming practices to create a piece of land in harmonious balance with what we grow and raise.The 5 main points of focus will include:1. Organic dairy practices, where we will grow the best fodders to produce the highest quality full fat milk, with cows that have been truly cared for.

2. Vegetables, fruits and nuts of varying types, but with the business focus on what is not available in Kathmandu’s western orientated restaurants e.g.: plum tomatoes, artichokes, blueberries.

3. The herbal garden will be a real focus of 5 elements with culinary, medicinal and dairy uses. We wish to collect 108 different types of “useful herbs”, some to preserve their uses, some to do direct business with and others to aid and benefit good health in the form of tinctures and teas. It will become a central learning point for those who want to see Ginseng, tulsi, oregano, sage, lavender, tea tree and many more growing and what their varying and beneficial uses are, as well as how to prepare and use.

4. Create housing that is harmonious and alive such as permanent Scandinavian yurts, Native American teepees and stone/earth buildings. Showing communities that old is indeed gold and that alternatives to concrete and iron homes exist.

5. Teaching what we have learned is of major importance to us, for those who also want to practice our methods, to share the knowledge we have gathered and the mistakes that we made along the way. Whether it is members of our own community or those from afar all are welcome to come, learn and participate.

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