12 Trekkers Facing Nepal Earthquake….

20160119_102829My trekking trip to Nepal in January was supposed to be a trip of disconnection from the world.. instead it turned into the strongest connection to the world ever. It
connected me to 11 amazing people from four corners of the world. Together, all 12 of us, went to visit Camp Hope – a camp for the people of the villages destroyed by the Nepal Earthquake.. What we discovered is heart opening and mind blowing…

We were amazed by the families living in that camp, they had lost their homes and everything they own in the earthquake, yet keeping their heads high up, proudly and respectfully smiling and welcoming us into their camp / temporary home.

Camp Hope is so wearing its name well. Each person in that camp is so full of hope… Pity is not a word in their dictionary rather HOPE is in their eyes. They are hungry for sharing love and smiles.

Their government is not doing anything…

We left the camp all 12 of us trekkers filled with a feeling of happiness and fulfillment with smiles drawn on our faces.. We were so strongly touched by what every person in that camp had given us, so much, that we wanted to give back to them and created our project of today to become the “12 hopes” who will help in bringing to these amazing souls a tiny part of their life back…

They have no help from their government, and very little if any outside help.. Our project became our mission to raise money to help them build their own houses so they can sleep under a roof again. The more funds we raise the more houses they build. Please help us help them..

Any amount you can give, as little as 10$, will make a difference..

Please read more about us and our project through the link below https://www.generosity.com/emergencies-fundraising/building-hope-and-homes-in-nepal   and take a few seconds to donate and make a change.

Please share the link with as many people as you can, help us get the word out into the world.

Please support our project by helping us raise funds, share with your friends and the world..

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts…

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This is us: The 12 trekkers… IMG_3103